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Need the full shebang

Luckily for you, I can offer that. From creating social media timelines, ideation, executing ideas, content creation, channel management to weekly or monthly reporting - the full package can be yours, and tailored to your exact needs. With the tailored packages, it also means you'll never be paying more than you should for scoping you don't need. 

See the case study below for work I completed on Years & Years' single campaign 'Sanctify' during my time at WMA. In collaboration with the creative and design departments of WMA, I led the social campaign. From the initial teaser launch, to ideation for photography for the campaign, managing social channels, implementing creative ideas and directing social content - this was a full rounded channel management service. Working closely with Polyor and Machine Management, we executed a highly talked about and highly successful campaign. 

Years & Years - Sanctify

Years & Years - Sanctify

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